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This Hotel is clear and feel good ! (Shinji Yamamoto, Tokyo - Japan).

Suasana nyaman dan tradisional terasa saat Anda bermalam di sini.(REN/Tim Melancong Yuk,liputan6).

Very Impressive Hotel ! (Willy Aprillianto, Malang - Indonesia).

Thank You Very much for your kind hospitality and your help. (Denish, National Gymnastic Team).


Hotel with Javanese and Bugisnese (Celebes island) style Architecture.

The Hotel is but a leisurely walking distance of 700 meters from the Borobudur Temple Archeological Park, a mere strolling distance of two hundred meters from the Pawon temple, and a challenging 1.5 km from the Mendut temple; one can also hire a bike, ride a "becak" (pedicab), take an "andong" (horse-drawn carriage), or go "ojeg" (Peggy backing) on motor cycle.

Our Mission
The Place that brings you to the Nature and to the Experience of Indonesian Traditional Life

Company Profile
This hotel was built by Mr. Budiardjo, he was a Javanese traditional cultural observer, General pensioner of Indonesian Air Force and was Communication Ministry of Republic Indonesia. He was born in a village, little place near from Borobudur temple that called Tingal Village. Cause of that, the hotel has been named by Pondok Tingal.

Interviews With The Mass Media
Aroma Bugis dan Jawa Di Pondok Tingal Magelang

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